Some general notes and possible bugs
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    Some general notes and possible bugs

    by jmerandy » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:58 pm

    Audio Notes: Continues to crash the game. Is this happening with anyone else? User testing is revealing this as a regularly occurring bug.

    Player Attributes/Items: Every time I create a new attribute/item it automatically creates a duplicate of the item.

    Notes: It was my original understanding that the notes were a way for players to privately record information during game-play (as a notebook suggests) although it also could be used during game-play strategy coupled with tags to initiate game sequences and conversations. However, despite the objective of the game, the default is that each time someone playing the game makes a note it is left on the game map. My game is a single player experience and having notes show up from every player that played the game is very confusing. Instead of starting with a blank slate game map, the map is littered with notes. And although this could be used to cool effect, it seems like there should be an options for each note created to show up on the game map or not. Ideally I would hide all notes except one at the end of my game, but would rather them not show up at all if I had to choose.
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    Re: Some general notes and possible bugs

    by chrish » Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:51 pm

    Recording audio note causes ARIS to crash: yep I get this too.

    Duplicate item creation in the editor: I can recreate this by quickly double clicking the "save" button in the window where you set item properties. Hitting it just once avoids this problem. In the case of network hiccups, I could imagine this happening accidentally often when a person clicks "save" again after hitting it once with no effect.

    Your perception of notebook behavior is correct: notes show up on the map for all players and are indeed public. There are some ways to manage this behavior,

    but none that get so far as what you're looking for. I do think an overhaul in design of how notes show for other players is called for, but it doesn't seem like it will happen without funding. Do note that a player does not need to have everything in ARIS. The iOS notes application (or another alternative) might make a better private notebook, or even intermediary.