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ARIS AR Help Required

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:23 pm
by Asewell1

I'm creating a game that leads students through the library and some of its resources. There are eight scenes altogether for the game, each with one plaque (although if I could get a second plaque in two of the scenes, that would be great). In my initial iteration, I had put all of my plaques into the starting scene and run the game that way. Because I can't provide visual indicators for where students should stand in relation to the physical objects that serve as targets, I decided to implement a strategy I'd read about in a lit review - I took multiple pictures (average six) of each target object, hoping to link each of the different targets to the same video. That turned out fine, but to keep the back end organized, I thought to use the Add Scene feature so each box would only contain one scene's worth of plaques. I had also hoped to link out to a survey at the end, which would require me to create a separate scene with the conclusion plaque, then the webpage.

I found a tutorial that showed how to set up the locks to transition between scenes, so I created an item that each of the targets were linked to in order to complete the requirements of the lock. Because I used the same AR target as the videos, though, when I click on the video (hoping it will take me to the plaque that would let me view the video not in AR-mode, with the plaque description), it automatically takes me to the item page, and then I can't view that first AR content again; I have to continue on to the next scene's content.

Is there any way to set this up differently, so I have the option to click on the AR content to take me to the plaque with the video, and only get the item after watching the video (not in AR mode)? Or a way that players can access previous AR content after completing the lock requirements?