GPS based game versus Map based game.
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    GPS based game versus Map based game.

    by ksimmons » Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:35 pm

    So, I am contemplating creating a game that allows players to have the option to play the game via GPS triggers/prompts or via the "Map" feature.

    I was hoping this might be possible to create through branching conversations or scenes. Is this actually possible, or should I just create two separate games?

    if it is possible, I would also love to see examples of this type of game, so recommendations are welcome!

    Looking forward to reading responses!
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    Re: GPS based game versus Map based game.

    by chrish » Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:20 am

    This sounds interesting but I'm a bit confused. Do you mean that in the first style, players would need to walk around to reach triggers on the map (using GPS to verify position), and that in the 2nd style, the triggers would still be on the map, but that players could merely tap the icons on the map to go through the game?

    If so, let's see if I can help. There has been a fair amount of talk but I don't think anyone's done a head-to-head test like this before.

    How you set it up depends a bit on how your play is organized in time. If the two groups are not playing at the same time, it would be as simple as toggling the "offsite mode" switch in the editor. When on, all locations can be tapped. Depending on your game, the instructions might sound a bit awkward to players, but technically the game would work just fine. We do this a lot with titles we'd like to share beyond their original audiences.

    If you need people to play at the same time, either separate games or separate scenes within a game would be best. You could make the whole game as a GPS one, duplicate it, then turn the offsite mode on for the duplicate.