Location and Remote Game Simultaneously
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    Location and Remote Game Simultaneously

    by jmerandy » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:02 am

    I have developed a game that is location specific, however, it was suggested that I also make the game available those who can not visit the site since I have included a lot of information which could be useful to educators and learners interested in my game topic. Is it possible to setup a game that can be played in both ways OR would you have to create two separate versions of the same game? Thanks for your help!
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    Re: Location and Remote Game Simultaneously

    by chrish » Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:58 pm

    It's really up to you. Separate games are usually pretty easy to set up. Go to game > settings and make a duplicate (at the bottom). Then rename the duplicate, and turn on offsite mode, also in game > settings. This makes all the locations so you can always tap them to visit. Depending on your game, this may work well, but not always. If you need to player to grok information from the environment to proceed for instance, offsite mode does nothing to help them out. But this is usually the simplest, fastest way, even if there are a few things to tweak. You can try 'Analy Nyuwiich, for a look at a nice, small game that is set at a location but offsite mode makes it playable from afar. You also might want to un-check "show player location dot". This should make the zooming better for distant players.

    There are many other ways to do this too, and it may depend on which parts of the experience you'd like to replicate. In one student game that I wanted available to play everywhere, I left the location-based one in, and by using a conversation to make a choice, made a separate branch in the game that uses factories to generate game contents wherever the player starts from (with larger radii in case plaques were spawned on buildings or in lakes). Unfortunately, factories are broken at the moment, so that branch doesn't work. But the game is called Los Duendes in case you want to check it out, or if we get factories up and running. In this case, I wanted players to actually walk, even if it was somewhere else.

    You could also combine these, say just making two separate scenes in a single game, with a conversation to separate them, but not messing with factories, and just placing triggers in the 2nd branch so that players could play from afar.