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QR Code Login Questions

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:07 am
by rleduc
I've been taking a look at QR code logins today, and I noticed that there is a QR Code string that allows a specific user to log into a game. You can read what I am talking about here:

I have a couple of questions regarding this:

1. user id: Is this the username that the user creates when they make an account, or an id number associated with an account, similar to how ARIS objects (plaques, web pages etc) have id numbers?
1a. If the user id is a number associated with a user name, how do I find this number?

2. auth token: is this a constant token for all users, or does each user have a unique authorization token? If it is unique per a user, how do I find this token?

Re: QR Code Login Questions

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:54 pm
by cleffingwell
I think in the ARIS cache the account id number and the 'user name' or account name can be found using the following ARISjs code dynamically during a game. In my testing the user_id and display_name were identical. Not sure about the 'token'. There is a player 'key' (ARIS.cache.player.key) that is an alphanumeric string of 64 characters.

var ARIS = {};
ARIS.ready = function()
var user_id = ARIS.cache.player.user_id;
var user_name = ARIS.cache.player.user_name;
var display_name = ARIS.cache.player.display_name;
var player_info_el = document.getElementById('player_info');
//replace the text below to the right of the =
player_info_el.innerHTML = "Player's id:" + user_id + "<br />Player's name:" + user_name;
<div id='content'>

<div id='player_info'>Player Info should appear here</div>


Re: QR Code Login Questions

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:20 pm
by cleffingwell
I was able to successfully log in into 'my current game' by using the QR code login syntax


the 64 character cache player key worked when I placed it into the 'auth token' parameter.

When I scanned the QR code as a login with this text string, it placed me into the game I was playing exactly where I left off.

The key seems the same as long as I log in with the same user name. A different user name yields a different key.