Where to Find Item ID?
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    Re: Where to Find Item ID?

    by chrish » Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:20 pm

    Really nice description, and the care and intricacy that is going into your design is really inspiring. I hope we can find a way to bottle what you've learned about trying to make a flexible and obvious UI for your game and pass it on to other authors. Seriously, I wonder if we can put together design diaries and a guide or tips based on your and a few others (Charles, Terri, I'm thinking of you especially, but I know there are those I'm forgetting at the moment too) and make that available to other authors. I think it would help them understand ARIS at a level beyond the basics in a way that the documentation and tutorials never could.

    I'll try to help with your difficulties. I think in general your hope to set scene from the quest button as a way to initialize the map for users should be workable.

    Focus of exitToTab
    Your experience of sometimes sending a player to a full tab and sometimes to one that is pushed off to the side with the nav still visible sounds like some inconsistent stuff inside the ARIS app, a rough edge that hasn't stuck out enough to need polished before. I think the idea would be that you're always sent to the full tab, but I might be missing something.

    What ARIS UI tabs are called in JavaScript
    The code I remember using is slightly different than what's listed in the ARISjs guide, but what's there matches what you found: ARIS.exitToTab('Map'). That is the single quote, the lowercase of the usual double quote. I never can remember this stuff and usually have to try the variations you brought up to test before proceeding. I think you could check for the exact names in the code for the ARIS app, but if you find them, you could also put them into the manual (I would very much welcome contributions from you or other authors to the manual. It's just a google site so it would be easy to do). I would test this somewhere detached from other things that might go wrong to make debugging easier.

    Multiple commands
    I do not know for sure, but I believe there would be no problem with running multiple lines of code within a call.

    Quest Buttons
    I've noted before that these titles are not ideal, and the quest complete button still reads "begin quest" too. Button title would be a good thing to be in the Editor there. I think it is possible to override the button title with javascript but I'm not finding it yet. It's not in the documentation, but I recall it as a part of there being javascript for the button. I'll keep looking.
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    Re: Where to Find Item ID?

    by WaterGuerrilla » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:58 pm

    Thanks, Chris.

    Quick answers now. More later.

    Short answer to my earlier question, I've learned since you posted, is yes, you can put multiple js lines into an ARIS.ready block. Just tested this successfully. They just need to be separated by semicolons as in the overview/tutorial.

    I'm still having trouble with the set scene javascript not working for me. I need to look into that to see if I'm doing something wrong.

    I would be happy to append notes, what I've learned, and some of our backend structure to the group as you suggest--once we have a viable product working. I have to focus on getting this thing ready for Tuesday first and foremost.

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    Re: Where to Find Item ID?

    by cleffingwell » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:13 pm

    Regarding when the main screen is pushed aside to reveal the tabs... I'm not sure but I think this mostly occurs when the program does not have a specific destination in mind. So instead of having a conversation just 'Exit', try making it go to a hard destination.

    In the past I kind of relied on the fact that when the program did not know where to go after exiting something, it would go to whatever object was at the top of the tab list. It does not always do that now without sliding to the side.