ARIS App crashing occasionally when using QR Game Start Codes
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    ARIS App crashing occasionally when using QR Game Start Codes

    by cleffingwell » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:35 pm

    We have been doing a lot of testing of our programs now that we are nearing the end of our project and we have discovered some possible bugs in this process of trying to handle the ARIS App after an abnormal exit from a game.

    Most of our programs are designed with the anonymous game start codes that our users scan from the login screen to get directly into a game. On rare occasion the ARIS App might crash when in a game, but more often a user may force close the app while in a game. I'm not sure exactly how often our users run into this abnormal exit issue, but when they do, they are usually 'stuck' there for a while; either in the selfie loop or the crashing loop.

    As you know this circumstance with an abnormal exit while in a anonymous login situation will, upon restarting ARIS, have the user take a selfie, and enter a name in order to continue using ARIS enough to do a normal logout. Then the user can get back to the normal ARIS login screen.

    Device: iPhone 7plus- After an abnormal exit, when taking the selfie and entering a name when restarting ARIS, sometimes the keyboard will not function on the first attempt. Eventually the app crashes out to the iPhone home screen. Rarely on the second attempt it will work, but more often the second attempt will allow you to take the photo, then enter the name using the keyboard, but then the app will crash out to the home screen. At this point it keeps on crashing unless I can clear the ARIS cache in the iPhone setting to restore things to a working state, or uninstall and reinstall the ARIS App.

    Device: 1st gen iPad Air (like the consortium iPads we use)- After abnormal exit, 4 out of 5 tries will have the keyboard not work and crash out to the home screen. 1 in 5 tries the selfie and name process works fine and the user can get to a logout to restore normal operation.

    Device: iPad Pro- works much better, but occasionally (like 1 in 5 tries) will not allow the keyboard to work and then crashes. Usually a repeat attempt will be successful.

    Device: recent iPad (5th gen, not pro) -We can't get this one to fail.

    All these attempts were using the same WiFi at our college, which runs ARIS games pretty well historically.

    We are going to add this kind circumstance to our project FAQ for users. Clearing the ARIS cache in the event a user has issues seems to be the best work around to recommend.

    This post is mostly just to let ARIS know about our experience while testing.
    Thank you,
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    Re: ARIS App crashing occasionally when using QR Game Start Codes

    by chrish » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:24 pm

    Thanks a ton for posting these issues. I am sure they are frustrating, but getting to see them described so thoroughly gives me hope that they will be easier to fix and that in the meantime, other authors can find ways around them or to prepare players.