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Creating More Than One Category List

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 3:31 pm
by airwin2
I am currently testing out if Siftr could be a platform for displaying geotagged photos from my PhD research. Is it possible to create more than one category list and then cross-list photos? This would really make the tool much stronger. Also, is there a way to manually input latitude and longitude data for photos that aren't geotagged? Or do a batch edit on a group of photos all taken in the same place?
Lastly, the switch to toggle to satellite view for the map is no longer present. Any idea how to get it back, or change the settings on default map display?

Thanks for any help on these issues. I know they have been taken up elsewhere, but haven't been resolved.

Anthony Irwin

Re: Creating More Than One Category List

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:58 pm
by chrish
You can do multiple categories by adding new multiple choice fields to the form in the data collection tab of the siftr editor. It's not quite the same as the top level categories, but you should still be able to filter by them.

You can move the location of the entries for an untagged photo, but not by typing in coordinates, and unfortunately not a batch process. Now that there is an export tool though, it seems like an import may be possible. ARIS has an import, and each siftr actually creates an ARIS instance. So if you're really desperate there might be a hack to automate that.

I believe it's just the author who decides how the map renders.
It's in the paintbrush tab of the map options tab in the editor.