QR Scanner Error (INIT_default) and AR Target Issue
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    QR Scanner Error (INIT_default) and AR Target Issue

    by ldmarkley » Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:55 pm

    I'm running into two issues at present, one with the QR Scanner and one with an AR Target. I'm including videos of both rather than trying to explain them.

    Here's the QR Scanner error. It begins with a conversation with a "Go to Tab" exit button that goes to the QR scanner tab. Whenever I try it I get the error INIT_default.

    Now for the issue with the AR target.
    As you can see in the video the QR scanner for login works, and augmented reality works fine on the 38 other targets in the game. I've tried re-uploading the problem image to Vuforia (and re-importing the database which I'd rather not do again so I don't have to re-select all the targets). I've double checked that it's showing up on the ARIS AR target list. I've double checked that the AR on the plaque is set up right. I'm stumped.