The "Events" Channel
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    The "Events" Channel

    by chrish » Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:01 pm

    Earlier in the fall, I heard a call for people wanting to have a known place to share the where and when of their work. Hopefully this channel will be the ticket. It would be great to know if people are going to present about their work, run workshops, jams, etc. We also might plan together here, for example

    Our next Global Summit, where we get together and share specifically with other folks who are into ARIS and such. We've had really positive experiences in our previous summits; it's probably my most favorite event. Let's do it again! Without GLS, we'll have to work on a situation that will serve to bring us together across academic contexts and it will take some work I think.

    Meet-ups at existing conferences, or maybe even taking them over. We probably should have done this sooner, but the exit of GLS will maybe be a helpful push here too. One that came up this summer is ISTE. I just held a workshop at the New Mexico version last week and had a bunch of interested audience members. I know many of us have presented and run workshops at ISTE in the past. Next summer, it's in San Antonio at the end of June.

    Camaraderie at other events

    Sharing with newcomers especially where this work fits in to various other circles

    Planning other one-off events. Maybe a regional jam?

    Increasing audience and funding opportunities. Maybe some of this thinking about where and when to do ARIS stuff can help us think about who really needs to see this stuff and would love it, and maybe even who could help fund our work and the continued development of the software we rely on.

    Other stuff?

    Anyway, no concrete answers from me at the moment, but I'd love to hear where you all are headed. It's a ways off but I will be at CALICO again this spring (May, Flagstaff) as a bit player in some language learning work Sabine Siekmann and Steve Thorne have been doing. Other than that, my ticket is currently open.
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    Re: The "Events" Channel

    by JNixon » Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:36 pm

    Thank you for starting such an important discussion!

    Dave, Chris, and I met today to chat about the Summit this past summer and to start brainstorming about what a potential event might look like for 2017. We would love your input on the following: Would you be interested in attending an event that is not tied to a outside conference (such as GLS in the past)? If we had the ability to get a couple of keynote speakers, who would you like to see?

    Thanks so much for your input,