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Our games get world-class research out to the public.

Legend of the Lost Emerald
Lost at the Forever Mine
Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case
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Our games get world-class research out to the public.

The Station:Maine
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Create mobile games, tours and interactive stories with ARIS games. Players experience a hybrid world of virtual characters and media in physical space.

What can I build with ARIS?

With ARIS, you can build an interactive story, tour or game. Players can complete quests, collect items, and talk to virtual characters, all while exploring the world around them.

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Situated Documentary ARIS (Dilemma 1944)

ARIS Manual

Open Manual

Aris Facebook Group

Whether you are a beginner, have design questions, or want to dive into more complicated technical questions, you can find help at the ARIS User Facebook Group

About ARIS

ARIS works on iOS devices and requires an internet connection to play. ARIS consists of three pieces of software.

  • Client (The iOS App) - to play games and collect data
  • Editor - to make ARIS games.
  • Server - Games live on a database in the cloud. The client and editor read from and write to it.


ARIS is free for all to use. If your project begins to see more than 100 players monthy, or you need help designing or modifying ARIS, Contact us to setup a consultation.


  • Player location (GPS)
  • QR codes
  • Bluetooth beacons (iBeacons)
  • Image Recognition
  • Augmented Reality
  • Navigation of the on-screen map
  • Alphanumeric codes
  • Media collection
  • Social interaction around media collection

Make Games with ARIS

ARIS Allows you to create Mobile Games, Interactive Stories, Scavenger Hunts, Tours and Data Collection Activities

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ARIS Games is open-source under the MIT license and free to use. The MIT License is a permissive free software license.

Production Team

David Gagnon, Phil Dougherty, Mike Tolly, Chris Holden, Eric Lang, Sarah Gagnon and Jim Mathews have worked formally and informally to bring you the ARIS software.

Special thanks to the following contributors: Kevin Alford, Carl Burnstein, Scott Morison, Julie Sykes, Kurt Squire, Chris Blakesley, Sean Dikkers, John Martin, Kevin Harris.

ARIS wouldn’t exist without the institutional support of the University of Wisconsin as well as from Engage, WID, WCER, Minnesota Historical Society, The Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Initiative, the MacArthur Foundation, the Pearson Foundation, CASLS, Chippewa Valley Technical College and many others for years of investment and support.

Teacher Craig Brumwell Designs a Mobile Game with ARIS to Create Emotional Impact for His Students

Craig used ARIS to create a situated documentary game called “Dilemma 1944” to convey the impact of the Second World War. In the game, players travel back to Kitsilano High School in Vancouver during WWII.

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Beth Stofflet and Larry Moberly Take 250 Kids on an Adventure to Africa with ARIS

Seventh grade social studies teachers Beth Stofflet and Larry Moberly wanted to take their 250 kids to dozens of African nations — but since that wasn’t possible, they took them there virtually with a Field Day tool called ARIS.

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