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Our games get world-class research out to the public.

Legend of the Lost Emerald
Lost at the Forever Mine
Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case
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Mixed Reality

Our games get world-class research out to the public.

The Station:Maine
Ice Cube

Make a game, reach more people

When it comes to sharing your work with the public, the stakes are higher than ever. We'll turn your research into a fun, academically rigorous game that reaches hundreds of thousands of people. Team up with us and become an outreach superstar.

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Teacher Fellowships

We work with teachers on all of our learning games. If you're a teacher, come design a game with us!

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Games for Outreach

Are you a researcher? Design a game with us and reach hundreds of thousands of people.

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We make learning games that bring contemporary research to large public audiences.

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Read the stories behind our games and meet the researchers and teachers who have teamed up with us.

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We work with amazing researchers around the world.

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Work with Us

Let's make a game together! We'll help write the Broader Impacts section of your grant.

from the blog

Data Nerds Unite! How Teachers and Scientists Are Changing the Future of Teaching with Games

We're partnering with teachers from all across Wisconsin to design a dashboard for our complex systems game, Lakeland.

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Lost at the Forever Mine: A Game Where Only Math Will Save You

In this Math Drama, designed in partnership with UW-MRSEC, slope intercept is your best hope for survival.

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Trouble in Lakeland: This Game Teaches the Impact of the Dairy Industry on the Lakes

We teamed up with the Scalable Systems Lab at UW-Madison to design a fun game that introduces kids to complex systems.

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Shipwrecks and Sea Shanties: Designing a Game to Teach the Great Lakes

We're partnering with maritime archaeologists and Wisconsin teachers to design a game about Great Lakes shipwrecks!

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