Get your hands dirty. Time to start making. Free, remixable apps by Field Day.


Researchers, teachers and students use ARIS to make mobile games, tours and interactive stories.



Use Siftr to make fieldwork easy. Got five minutes? Anybody can make a Siftr.



Create your own digital field guide, no coding required.



Field Day makes apps that change the way people see the world. play around, or remix them.

Welcome to Lakeland

Build a farm community without destroying your lakes.


Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case

Unravel the stories behind mysterious artifacts at the museum.


Lost at the Forever Mine

Use math and scientific modeling to escape an abandoned planet.


The Yard Games

Teach Science with free, beautiful games on the web.


Discover IceCube VR

Journey deep into space to track down the source of a neutrino


Atom Touch

Explore how atoms work with this tactile simulation. 8+


Alien Gardener

Save a martian colony through research.


The N Game

Explore the complicated Nitrogen Cycle with this board game, 16+


Dominique Lark Teaches like a gamer.



Learn how to use all the things Field Day makes.

Field Day Courses

Online courses to teach you make stuff with Field Day tools like Siftr and ARIS



Learn more about Field Day apps, get answers to your questions


Teacher Fellowships

You’ve got superheros in your school but even superheros need support. Join project based PD with Field Day.


Work with Field Day

Sharing research outside the university is crucial. It takes a lot of effort but it still doesn’t reach enough people. We bring your research to huge audiences with games, virtual reality experiences and citizen science apps.

Learn how we work

We are a Research Lab

Field Day is an education media research lab within the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Our work lies at the intersection of interactive media and theories of situated and sociocultural learning. In that pursuit, we create new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, video games, coding platforms and mobile apps that act as research platforms to understand how people learn.

What can we build together?

Learning Games
Digital Field Guides
VR & AR experiences
Citizen Science Apps
Museum apps
Teacher Fellowships

What Does a Game Cost?

Our games vary widely in cost. They can take anywhere from a few months to several years to produce. Many labs don’t have this kind of funding, but we have a plan. We partner with you to write the grants that will pay for the project. We start by looking for seed funds available through your organization to develop a game concept. Next we use this concept, complete with sample art and clearly articulated goals, to write public engagement and outreach grants or to write the Broader Impacts or Public Outreach section of your research grant.

What we Make

We make learning games, virtual reality experiences and citizen science apps.
All our games, apps and courses are free and available online.

Work with Us

We work with scientists, researchers, teachers, artists, story tellers, and all-around rad people to make things together to impact our communities.