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Our games get world-class research out to the public.

Legend of the Lost Emerald
Lost at the Forever Mine
Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case
The Yard Games
Atom touch

Mixed Reality

Our games get world-class research out to the public.

The Station:Maine
Ice Cube

Mixed Reality

Use AR and VR to teach complex topics and create an immersive, memorable experience.

What we've made

What we've made

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Let’s make a mixed reality game together!

What does a VR Project Cost?

VR projects start at about $100K and can go to the millions. We’ll meet with you for free to determine the scope of your project. Most of our partners are funded through research grants. Others work with us to develop a concept and raise funds.

As part of WCER, we have access to a full grant-writing team. We can help you with the Broader Impacts portion of your grant or build a grant around your VR project. Step one is to reach out and set up a meeting! We’re excited to partner with you.

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image of the AR game The Station:Maine

Your next Augmented Reality Game:
Powered by Field Day

Our customizable game and design platform is centered around community-based quests. Players collect virtual notes spawned on their map. learn about key concepts, visit stops, and make observations. Think Pokemon GO, but for learning.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on how you’d like to use it. There are different tiers of involvement, from simply customizing your own quests to partnering with us to rebrand the platform with unique art, characters, and story. We’re looking for people interested in testing and prototyping. If you’re familiar with ARIS and have worked with us before, reach out to us.

Partners: Vanderbilt University, Smart & Connected Communities Grant through the National Science Foundation

Have an idea? Let's talk!

What about Aris?

ARIS was our popular AR game design platform. Over the last decade, we’ve loved seeing the creative ways that researchers and educators have used ARIS all over the world. (See our Past Projects below for some awesome ARIS projects.)

In 2020, we made the difficult decision to stop supporting this platform. ARIS might still work on older operating systems, but it has the potential to stop working at any time.

What’s next? There isn’t a tool that directly replaces ARIS, which leaves a gap for many designers. But we haven’t given up on AR. Siftr includes the field collection elements from ARIS. The Station, also focused on fieldwork, is a customizable game with quest-driven mechanics. We’ll continue to share new opportunities for collaborative design projects.

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